In the middle of the Bregenzerwald

Come to Schtûbat ...









Enjoy a time-out in the new apartments!

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There is lots to disvover in the Bregenzerwald.

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We'd love to support you to plan your jubilee.

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Cross-country skiing directly in front of our Schtûbat!

Schtûbat during winter time ... wonderful.


Come to Schtûbat ...

Welcome to Andelsbuch, in the middle of the Bregenzerwald!
We wish you sustainable holidays  – in all regards – in our 100% climate neutral house!
We take on ecological und social responsability.


Deeply rooted in the region, we are familiar with the traditions and customs of the Bregenzerwald and its residents. We want to express the values that we live and communicate them to the outside world, which we also do in the language of the valley community with its own independent dialect.

Authenticity on all levels is important to us, and you can feel what this is. Travellers don’t need a translation to sense our hospitality and the life behind the name.




In the Bregenzerwald >Come to Schtûbat< is a loving invitation to visit and spend a cosy time together in the living room...
Take a break with us, lean back, leave behind the routines of everyday life and simply feel welcome!

Enjoy the conveniences of our Schtûbat ... and spend clima neutral holidays with a clear conscience!

Your host Wolfgang Mätzler and the Schtûbat team




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If you are interested in special adventures, shopping guides, hiking tours or extraordinary events, please do not hesitate to contact us. We'd love to send you individual offers and proposals!